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OneSight: Opening new worlds—around the world

Next week, I’ll be travelling with 44 other volunteers from around the world to provide eye care and new glasses to 3,000 patients from Pilar, Paraguay and the surrounding area as part of my volunteer work with OneSight. I’ve been fortunate to work with OneSight since 2009, first as a student at their clinics in Chicago, and now as a doctor for the past six years. This Map showing the distance from Ottawa to Pilar, Paraguaywill be my seventh mission and I feel so fortunate that my patients and staff support me in these trips. Whether you’ve brought in glasses to donate, made a financial contribution, or even just had a discussion with me in the office about OneSight, please know that I’m so grateful that your support has allowed me to continue to do these trips and help those who otherwise would not have access to eye care.

OneSight provides eye care and glasses around the world. Over the past 30 years, they’ve run over 900 vision clinics and helped to establish 56 sustainable vision centres. At vision clinics, when we provide someone with a pair of glasses, we can improve their access to education or enable them to continue working. At sustainable vision centres, we train people to have the skills and knowledge they need to provide eye care and manufacture glasses for their own communities.

With our goal of seeing over 600 patients a day, clinic days can long, but we try to have fun with our patients and with each other. As these photos show, from showing our national pride, to the occasional Tutu Tuesday, there’s never a boring day at clinic.

Follow our Instagram page for photos and updates. Depending on Internet availability, I will try to post photos and videos throughout the week.



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Jennifer Winn Optometrist