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Welcome to the new Jennifer Winn, Optometrist website! We’re happy to provide our patients with an easier way to access all the information about our clinic in a fresh and easily accessible way. The newest addition is the ability to submit a request to re-order your contact lens supply directly on the website. We know that sometimes we all have those little things on our to-do lists that we remember about at the most random times; usually when the store or office you need to contact isn’t even open. Now you’ll be able to send in your request for more lenses and we’ll respond the next business day to arrange payment and verify that your contact lens prescription is up to date. We know that this is going to help make it easier to check this item of your to-do list no matter when you realize that you’re running low on your lenses.

Our online scheduler is still the easiest way for new and existing patients to book an exam. We all get busy and sometimes we don’t make taking care of ourselves the priority that it should be. If it’s been more than two years since you’ve had your eyes checked it’s time for you to come spend some time with us so we can ensure that your eyes are healthy and helping you see your world clearly. When you’re not seeing optimally, your everyday tasks like computer work, reading and driving can become frustrating and uncomfortable.

Our vision needs change throughout our lives and comprehensive eye care is important at every stage. The Canadian Association of Optometrists, recommends annual exams for school aged children and seniors over 65, and exams every 2 years for adults aged 20-64. Even if you have never needed glasses before a comprehensive eye exam is a crucial step in maintaining overall health. In our office we are proud to provide care and solutions for patients aged six months and up. Let Dr. Winn check the health of your eyes and make certain you are seeing the world the way you’re meant see it. Click to schedule your appointment today!

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