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Contact Lens Evaluations

We have a wide variety of soft contact lenses in the office that will allow us to determine the best fitting lens based on your lifestyle, the shape and the health of your eye. We offer daily, biweekly and monthly disposable soft contact lenses that include single vision lenses, toric lenses designed to correct astigmatism, multifocal lenses and coloured lenses. A good contact lens fit starts with a comprehensive exam to determine your most up-to-date prescription and to ensure that your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses comfortably.

In most cases you will have the opportunity to try lenses on the same day as your exam and you will be given diagnostic lenses to take home with you to try. We will follow-up your initial fitting and make any necessary changes to the materials or prescription to ensure that you get the best possible fit and vision with your lenses.

If this is the first time you are trying contact lenses we will take the time to teach you the proper way to insert and remove your lenses and how to care for your lenses. If you’ve worn contact lenses before regular follow-up is required to monitor the health of your eyes, the condition of your lenses and to ensure that proper hygiene is being maintained.

Jennifer Winn Optometrist