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Breaking News

Update on Save Eye Care - Job Action Paused The Ontario Association of Optometrists and the Ontario Ministry of Health have agreed to enter formal negotiations. This means that as of November 23, 2021, job action has been paused and we can begin to see…

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Masking Update (June, 2022)

We recommend that patients over 2 years of age continue to wear a mask for their appointments.Although the provincial mask mandate has ended, due the inability to socially distance within the exam rooms we strongly recommend that patients continue to wear a mask when visiting…

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Eye Care at Risk

September 1st Job Action Beginning September 1st, optometrists across Ontario will stop providing OHIP insured eye exams for children, seniors and adults with OHIP covered eye conditions. Why Job Action? For over 30 years, successive Ontario governments have ignored optometrists. In 1989, the fee paid…

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Save Eye Care in Ontario

You may have seen some news stories that optometrists in our province have started job action against the government of Ontario. So why are we doing it and what are we asking for? Currently OHIP pays for less than half of what it costs to…

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COVID-19 Update

We are happy to announce that our clinic is now be open for routine care. We have been working hard throughout the shutdown to implement new policies and adapting out clinic to ensure a clean and safe environment. As we work to reschedule appointments that…


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